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Country Profile

 The Islamic Chamber of Commerce , Industry and Agriculture (ICCIA)
The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Head of State : Ashraf Ghani
Population : 34.66 Million (2016)
Capital City : Kabul
Largest City : Kabul
Languages : Dari Persian, Pashtu (both official),other Turkic and minor languages
Monetary Unit : Afghani (AFA)
GDP (USD) : 19.47 Billion (2016)
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) (USD) : 0.1 Billion (2016)
GNI (USD) : 19.69 Billion (2016)
Exports of Goods & Services (USD) : 1.34 Billion (2016)
Imports of Goods & Services (USD) : 9.54 Billion (2016)
Life Expectancy at Birth : 63.3 Years (2015)
Intra-OIC Exports (USD) : 0.35 Billion (2016)
Intra-OIC Imports (USD) : 4.53 Billion (2016)
Location & Geography
Afghanistan is located in Central Asia. It has borders with Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in the North, China in the North-east, Pakistan in the East and South, and Iran in the West. The country is split from East to West by the Hindu Kush mountain range culminating in the East to the height of 7315 m. With the exception of the South-west regions, most of the country’s landscape is dominated by high snow-capped mountains and traversed by deep valleys. The principal rivers drain to the South-west into the Helmand and Arghandab valleys and then into the desert. The country has a typical continental dry climate, characterised by seasonal and daily extremes of temperature and clearly defined seasons. Winters are cold and summers are very hot.
Investment Profile
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Investment Opportunities
Providing 29 Raw Materials For Concrete Iron Foundations And 27 Raw Materials
Industry, Infrastructure and construction | September 12, 2017
Consultant Admin- Finance Coordinator For Transport Network Development Investment Program
Transportation, Banking And Finance, Consultancy | September 12, 2017
Provision Of Pics Bags
Industry | September 12, 2017