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Tender Details

Title Country Sector Type
Development Of Tiom Airport. IndonesiaTransportation, ConsultancyTender
Strengthening Cliffs Of Tanah Dusun I Desa Gada Kec. Gunungsitoli Barat (dau - 2017) . IndonesiaTransportation, Infrastructure and constructionTender
Providing Light Traffic Lights Replacement (apil) 3 Aspects 24 Units. IndonesiaTransportation, ServicesTender
Capital Expenditure On Guardrail Of Jalan Dayeuhkolot - Banjaran - Pangalengan Street. IndonesiaTransportation, Infrastructure and constructionTender
Renting The Ferry And The Marina In The City Of Meet Abu Ghaleb EgyptTransportationTender
Consultant Admin- Finance Coordinator For Transport Network Development Investment Program AfghanistanTransportation, Banking And Finance, ConsultancyTender
Construction Of Motor Cycle Garrage At Maloti Port Colony At Permanent Port Site, Mongla. BangladeshTransportation, Infrastructure and constructionTender
Roadway Structures Officer For Road Asset Management Project AfghanistanTransportation, ConsultancyTender
Package 1 Inspection Of Bridges Condition IndonesiaTransportation, ServicesTender
River Dredging Work At Main Channel Of Sangu River Of Length 2.400 Km. At Khurushkul Godar Par, Fokirhat And Sarenga Under Polder No.-63/1a In Connection With "rehabilitation Of Coastal Polder No.-62 Patenga 63/1a Anowara 63/1b Anowara & Patiya In BangladeshTransportation, Infrastructure and constructionTender
In Ssae/way/js~s Section : Complete Track Renewal Ctr Of Existing 3200~-0~~ & New Linking Of 164~-0~~, Total 3364~-0~~ =1.03 K.m Shunting Neck Line At Nap Station BangladeshTransportation, Infrastructure and constructionTender
Transportation & Storage Of Pipeline Materials, Equipments & Fittings From Bgdcl Store To Work Site, Selecting The Hook-up Points In Both Ends, Decommissioning Of Pipes/ Segments Of Tbs (if Necessary), Cleaning, Cutting, Beveling Of Pipes With Pro BangladeshTransportationTender
Making Of Secondary Channel Talud Jl. Lebak Murni (continued) Water Channel Improvement Rt.63 Rw.11 Yellow Bamboo Kel. Flower Garden Kec. Sukarame Palembang The Making Of Talud, Dredging Of Sungai Tali Gawe Kel. I Ilir Kec. It Ii Palembang Making Salura A IndonesiaTransportation, Infrastructure and constructionTender
Procurement Of Rubber Boat 4.7 M (apbn-p) IndonesiaTransportationTender
Survey Indicators Of Performance, Demand Of Exisiting Public Transport Ii. IndonesiaTransportationTender


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