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Tender Details

Title Country Sector Type
Cutting Of Weeds And Jungles And Cleaning Of Drains With In The Boundary Of 132kv Julda Grid Substation Under Gmd Chittagong Central Power Grid Company Of Bangladesh Ltd. BangladeshAgriculture, Food and Beverages, Water and Sanitation, Environment and PollutionTender
Construction Of Landfill Arrangement Kalikondang Tpa Landfill Leachate. IndonesiaEnvironment and PollutionTender
Provision Of Environmental Monitoring Service 2017 Pt Pertamina Ep Asset 4 Papua Field. IndonesiaEnvironment and PollutionTender
Provision Of Removal And Transportation Of Debris AfghanistanEnvironment and PollutionTender
Recruitment Of A National Expert In Stress Management CameroonEnvironment and PollutionTender
Procurement Of Solid Waste Processing (incenerator) IndonesiaEnvironment and PollutionTender
Providing Environment Monitoring Services. IndonesiaEnvironment and PollutionTender
Re-offer Of Government Asset Disposal. MalaysiaEnvironment and PollutionTender
Training Of Ormvag Executives As Part Of The Environmental Management Plan For The Modernization Of Large Irrigation MoroccoEducation and Training, Environment and PollutionTender
Procurement Of Asi Mp,capital Expenditure Infrastructure Facility, Solid Waste Processing. IndonesiaEnvironment and PollutionTender
Inventory Of Polluter Pollutant Emission, Air Pollution Load Calculation. IndonesiaEnvironment and PollutionTender
Environmental Environmental Environmental Development Building Pring Tegal Environment Time Great Kaliwates Etc. IndonesiaEnvironment and PollutionTender
Development Of The Environmental Room Bb + W Rt. 01 Rw. 37 Legalbesar Selatan Kaliwates,etc. IndonesiaInfrastructure and construction, Environment and PollutionTender
Procurement Of Waste Processing Machinery Supply Of Incenerator Machine IndonesiaEnvironment and PollutionTender
Study Of Fs Decrease Of Pollution Contents Of Kukm Industry. IndonesiaEnvironment and PollutionTender


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